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About Us

Since the day it was established in 2003, ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP, which produces laboratory chemicals with its expert staff, is experiencing the right excitement of sharing its knowledge and experience with our esteemed customers.

At the point we came today, bringing world standards to our country and as a standard determining position, ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP in the ACG Group of Companies, with a wide product scale continues to draw attention on the world market.

With its production of chemicals especially 99.9% pure Absolute Ethyl Alcohol and 99.5% pure Diethyl Ether in its own field, ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP  has a production capacity of EGYPTSs highest purification and proud to be the only company, With the widespread distribution network throughout the country and the exports it has made to dozens of countries abroad continue to provide tax gain to our country.

ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP, serves with domestic and oversea distributors to meet the needs of the hospitals, pathology laboratories, university research laboratories, defense industry, food, medicine, and cosmetics sectors.

FACILITY AND PRODUCTION Quality Assurance System ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001 certification, chemical production permits approved by official institutions, etc. quality certificates and has a total area of 7400 square meters with 2000 square meters of storage space.

TEKK?M Kimya, which carries out the production of specially formulated chemicals with reference chemicals including the purification process of chemicals such as organic, inorganic, solvent, acid, continues to improve itself in production and purification.

In 2017, ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP enriched its product portfolio by adding Methanol, Acetonitrile and Ultra Pure Water chemicals to its production line in HPLC quality.     
R&D and quality control, ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP always gives importance to quality control with its professional team of experts in its own laboratories, from raw material acceptance to production, purification and filling stages, in addition to general analysis instruments, gas chromatograph, atomic absorption spectroscopy and HPLC instruments are used.

We present the chemicals we produce using the latest technological devices to our valuable customers with the “specifications” and “analysis” certificates along with 100% accurate analysis reports.

The safety data sheets (SDS) of the finished chemicals can also be found on the internet at Www.alfachemicalgroup.com.   with the product code found on the label.

Prior to the filling of the packages of purified chemicals, ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP  patented packings are subjected to leakproofness tests and also ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP patented packaging and UN certified lines are suitable for international sea, air, land and train transportation of dangerous goods.

Our firms steadfast steps forward with the slogan of "A delicate touch to Chemistry" are: always quality products, best service, timely delivery and reasonable price. ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP is the success and continuity of production in the service of honesty and moving with the principle of quality and thank you for your close tribute to our valued customers, it will continue to provide the best service to you in the future as it is today.

Thanks for choosing ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP.  
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ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP .  khalaf Amer kamaleldin