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ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP  is the egyptain chemicals company, that provides materials , additives & functional products. 

ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP  founded in egypt in 2005, We have operations in egypt , throughout the Middle East & North Africa

We combines creative thinking with advanced chemicals know-how to provide innovative products. Our customers deserve a highest quality , So we ensure our products perform to the heighest standards & optimize operational efficiency for them.

ALFA CHEMICAL GROUP  provides an unrivalled blend of local knowlege and diversity of experience, language & culture .

The foundation of our success is a dedication to excellent customer service & the development of a peerless range of chemicals products .

We working in a partnership with our customers . We add value to their products & provide solutions that don`t just meet their needs but, exceed their expectations.

Our quality  is standard in all our products , services & practices & this supported by an firm commitment to operational safety care for the enviroment . We are passionate about employing the best people in the business & to their ongoing development within a culture of teamwork & cooperation .

Our core values  embrace the pursuit of performance excellence & continous improvement in everything we do. 


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